Natasha Boomer

Natasha Boomer (aka Booms) has been doing improv since 1997 and comedy since 1996. In those 20 years, she has done A LOT, seen A LOT, cried A LOT, laughed A LOT, paced A LOT, and got butterflies in her stomach A LOT. She has been teaching improv and sketch writing for nearly 18 years because she loves it. She has taught improv in hundreds of high schools across Ontario and sometimes as far reaching as Quebec.  She has taught and performed at Second City, Bad Dog Theatre, Social Capital, GO Comedy Theatre in Detroit, and this weird theatre in London Ontario that one time.  Natasha was the founding producer of The John Candy Box Theatre and ran the longest running weekly improv show in the city for 7.5 years called Wheel of Improv.  Above it all she holds ones truth, Improv will change your life, IF you let it. 


Kara Spencer - Artistic Director


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